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Bank of Zambia Banknote


BOZ - B158. 50 Kwacha Banknote. 50 th Independence Anniversary Issue.
Bank of Zambia 50 kwacha Banknote Dated 2014. Signature 13. Michael M Gondwe Governor (2012 - 2015). Front featuring Fig tree also called Mukuyu tree center. Zambia coat of arms bottom left with Fish Eagle Head facing left. African fish eagle right. Watermark Fish Eagle Head, Electrotype 50 with Eagle Head. Security Holographic Strip with Zambia and Coat of Arms with K 50, fish eagle in flight front. Wide windowed holographic security thread bird in flight with BOZ 50 back.

B158. Rev

Back of 50 th Independence Anniversary Issue.
Back features 5 Previous Presidents of Zambia left. Kenneth David Kaunda 1st President of Zambia 1964 - 1991 top center. Frederick Jacob Titus Chiluba 2nd President of Zambia 1991 - 2002 top left. Levy Patrick Mwanawasa 3rd President of Zambia 2002 - 2008 top right. Rupiah Bwezani Banda 4th President of Zambia 2008 - 2011 bottom left. Michael Chilufya Sata 5th President of Zambia 2011 - 2014 bottom right. Bank of Zambia Headquarters. Freedom statue BOZ & Dove. Printer: Giesecke & Devrient.

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