NZ Flag

World Wide Bank Note Grading

New Zealand Flag Unc aUnc XF+ XF VF+ VF F+ F VG G+ G
European Union Flag UNC aUNC XF+ XF VF+ VF F+ F VG G+ G
USA Flag MS-60 MS-50 MS-45 MS-40 MS-35 MS-20 MS-15 MS-12 MS-8 MS-6 MS-4
German Flag KFR KFR- VZGL+ VZGL SS+ SS S+ S S.g.E G.e+ G.e
Italy Flag FdS FdS- SPL+ SPL BB+ BB MB+ MB B M+ M
I've added the above and below as a reference or aid to help those new to Banknote Collecting. But it will be down to one's opinion. You'll find that many will differ but it's a good guide or reference.
Gem Uncirculated
A note that is flawless, with the same freshness, crispness and bright colour as when first printed. It must be perfectly centred, with full margins, and free of any marks, blemishes or traces of handling.
Choice Uncirculated
An Un-Circulated note which is fresher and brighter than the norm for its particular issue. Almost as nice as Gem Un-Circulated, but not quite there. Must be reasonably well centred.
Uncirculated (UNC)
A note which shows no trace of circulation. It may not have perfect centring, counting smudges, or evidence of improper handling, while still retaining its original crispness.
About Uncirculated (aUNC)
A bright, crisp note that appears new but upon close examination shows a trace of very light use, such as a corner fold or faint crease. About Uncirculated is a borderline condition, applied to a note which may not be quite Uncirculated, but yet is obviously better than an average Extra Fine note. Such notes command a price only slightly below a new note and are highly desirable.
Extra Fine (XF)
A note that shows some faint evidence of circulation, although it will still be bright and retain nearly full crispness. It may have two or three minor folds or creases but no tears or stains and no discolouration.
Very Fine (VF)
A note that has been in circulation, but not actively or for long. It still retains some crispness and is still choice enough in its condition to be altogether desirable. It may show folds or creases, or some light smudges from the hands of past generation. Sometimes Very Fine notes are the best available in certain rare issues.
Fine (F)
A fine note shows evidence of much more circulation, has lost its crispness and very fine detail, and creases are more pronounced,
although the note is still not seriously soiled or stained.
Very Good (VG)
A note that has considerable wear or circulation and may be limp, soiled or dark in appearance and even have a
small tear or two on an edge.
Good (G)
A note that is badly worn, with margin or body tears, frayed margins and missing corners.

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